Looking for investment, joint ventures, partnership or looking to relocate your business? Adore Group can help you.

Our experienced team can provide expert advice and work on a consultancy basis.

About us

Adore Group is a collective of companies founded on passion and determination. Our aim is to create the most successful team of people across various sectors that can support each other to ensure future growth.

Our objective is to work with a portfolio of businesses to provide equity investment, finance, or business development to help them maximise growth in a measured and progressive way.

Adore has nurtured many dynamic concepts and new talent to develop them into thriving businesses. With a uniquely diverse portfolio, the only common factor in each of our business partners is their drive to create something exceptional. Our focus is on using our experience to propel established companies to new heights and nurturing start-ups from concept to actualisation.

Our primary aim is to play an active role within the invested business, and to support and add value to the management team.

We strive for quality and efficiency in all of our ventures, taking the time to understand the integral cogs that keep your business running smoothly.

Linked to some of the most creative minds in the UK, we cover all aspects of Property, Media, Marketing and Events, Finance, Retail and Hospitality. We’re not sector specific and can adapt to work across all industries.

There are great people out there with great ideas – I want to be a part of their success

Sean O’Neill is the CEO of Adore Group. With 25 years’ experience in business management, he has experienced a diverse range of projects and is versed in many different sectors. Always open to new opportunities to develop himself and Adore Group, Sean takes care to nurture the businesses in their portfolio and support them in their growth.

Our expertise

Linked to some of the most creative minds in the UK, we cover all aspects of property, media, marketing and events, finance, retail and hospitality.

  • Property

    As founders of Sexi Property Group, we have a wealth of experience with buying, selling and renting the most sought after properties in the best locations in Liverpool. Sexi are a leading lettings agent in assisting both landlords and tenants.

  • Media

    From social media management to PR, we can cover all your media requirements needed to promote your business.

  • Marketing & Events

    We have a strong team of marketing experts, from website design and development to paid advertising and events management. The team are renowned for planning and creating sell out events across the country.

  • Finance

    With a focus on investing in businesses, we have the financial specialists available to ensure your business is stable and thriving financially.

  • Retail

    Having worked closely with successful retailers for many years, we have an abundance of knowledge in retail success. No matter what your product, we can sell it.

  • Hospitality

    We have ensured that thousands of clients and visitors are given everything they require when arriving in city. We have a passion for anticipating guests’ needs and ensuring they have the best possible stay.

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If you are looking for investment, joint ventures, partnership or looking to relocate your business, Adore Group can help you.

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